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SOMNI Scientific’s hooded induction chambers are designed to be used with an active vacuum system such as the SOMNI EPS-3.  The active style chambers allow for gases to passively build up and exit the chamber via small holes near the end of the slide top lid.  This allows the chamber to be fully saturated with anesthetic gases to ensure proper anesthetic depth of subject.  Once gases have left chamber they are drawn out with active vacuum and room air is also drawn over the top of the lid to keep gases from escaping into the workplace.


These chambers are constructed of durable Polycarbonate(PC) are shatter-resistant and can be cleaned with harsh disinfectants such as Alcohol or Bleach Blends.  Unlike a “hinge lid” the slide top allows for one handed operation and keeps gases from being “drawn” into the workplace when chamber is opened.  Inlet and outlet holes are located on the back and color coded for ease of use and simplicity.


Product Number: IA-3009

Large Induction Chamber Clear, Active Style

  • Length

    11.5 in


    6 in


    6 in

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