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Somni Scientifics Passive style Non Re-Breathing Mouse or Rat Nose Cone System was developed to help minimize exposure to users while also adding key features to simplify the process for the technician. A magnetic base has been added to the nose cone eliminating the need to tape down the device. Magnetic animal positioners are also included to help the user keep the animal in the ideal position during their procedure. 10mm thick latex material provides a proper seal around the rodent’s nose, keeping the gases inside the nose cone and minimizing waste gas exposure in the workplace.



  • Magnetic Base
  • Magnetic Animal Positioners
  • Low Flow Design
  • 19mm or 15mm for Waste Gas Scavenging
  • Color Coded Tubing



  • 12×12 Coated Steel Work Base
  • 2’x 6” 10mm Latex material
  • 5 O-Rings to hold Latex
  • 2 Animal Positioners

NRB System

  • Includes

    NRB Passive Style Nose cone, Mouse/Rat size, magnetized Plate, Animal Positioners, O-ring and Latex material

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