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  • RM-17003: Rebreathing Small Animal System with F-circuit & 2L Bag and Modified Jackson Reese
  • VS-6002: Somni 3 Isoflurane Vaporizer
  • DS-14005: Bain Block Nonrebreathing Assembly with 72” Pram Circuit
  • MK-30009: Concentrator Shelf
  • OC-21000: Oxygen Concentrator
  • RE-20101: Single E-cylinder Manifold, O2
  • WG-15003: Somni W.A.G. Filters (case of 4)
  • PH-4013: W.A.G. Holder
  • GF-11006: Dual Gas Supply Assembly with Check Valves, O2

Rebreathing Small Animal System

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