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It's good to share and so we thought we would.  We love receiving your feedback so please continue sending it in.  It gives us a warm glow to know that we have succeeded and we hope will help others know what to expect when working with VETS.  Here is some of what you had to say....

VETS have been a great support for Larkmead Vets. They are always there to answer our technical questions as well as provide reliable care of our anaesthetic and dental equipment- be it routine maintenance or urgent repairs. They have an expert level of technical knowledge and have a great team who are always willing to help.

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VETS have provided us with excellent service and expert advice, and have the expertise to rectify equipment related problems in our existing small and large animal clinics, as well as installing and commissioning our new equine anaesthesia facility.  In addition, knowing that we can rely on their technical support is very reassuring for our anaesthesia team

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