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Have you considered buying an oxygen concentrator to save money on your oxygen bills?
Not sure which one to buy?
Not sure how noisy they are?
Do you have an oxygen concentrator thats noisy, old or breaks down?


We offer a free trial period on O2 Concentrators so you can try before you buy. We will drop off a full machine as pictured above for you to try out and if you like it then we can offer you a fair price for you to keep it! Just fill out the form below or ring 01535 666030

VETS Oxygen Concentrator 5 Litre Free Trial



    • Multi parameter display, including percentage concentration.
    • Large LCD Screen
    • 5 Litre model
    • Quietest operation of all concentrators available in this class.
    • 93% +/- 3% output.
    • Low pressure, low oxygen and power failure alarms as standard.
    • Tripple air filtration including carbon and bacterial filtration.
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